Brain Opera (2016)

Ellen Pearlman / Taras Mashtalir

Noor is the world's first interactive immersive brain opera in a 360-degree theater. A performer's emotions launch databanks of video, a sonic environment, and a libretto as the audience watches her brainwaves livetime. Based on the true story of Noor Inayat Khan, a Russian born, European raised Sufi Muslim Princess whose father Hazrat Inayat Khan brought Sufism to the West. During WW II she became a covert wireless operator for British Intelligence by parachuting deep inside occupied Vichy ruled France. For a period of three months Noor (code name "Nora") was the only communications link transmitting critical information back to the Allies. Caught by the Gestapo, who were unable to break her to find out any information about her transmission cell, Noor was shot inside the infamous Dachau prison shortly before the end of the war. Noor is a metaphor for issues of surveillance, privacy and consciousness.

Noor translates as 'light' in Arabic
though metaphor, sound, light, text, movement and audience interaction
asks just one simple question
A fully immersive brain opera premiers in 360-degree theatre, with a performer launching video, audio and a libretto through brainwaves and audience interaction.
The world premier was at ISEA 2016 Hong Kong on May 18th, and it had a second run at the Microwave Festival in Hong Kong on May 27th
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